That a monthly service charge for the use of service rendered by the sewage disposal system shall be paid to the city by all persons, firms, corporations and organizations within or without the city, having a sewer connection directly or indirectly with the sewage disposal system of the city. Said service charge shall be as follows:

Water Usage


0-3,000 gallon

$13.43 (minimum)

Over 3,000 gallons

$0.60 per 1,000 gallons

The water usage for single-family residential customers shall be based on an average usage for the months of December, January, February and March.

(Ord. 1667; Code 2016; Ord. 1678)

(a)   It shall be established that a three dollars and fifty cents ($3.50) per month surcharge be placed on all property connected to the sanitary sewer system serviced by the City of Minneapolis.

(b)   The purpose for this three dollars and fifty cents ($3.50) per month surcharge is to pay the Sewer Improvements made to the system beginning in 1998 and financed through the Sewer Revolving Fund administered by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

(c)   The three dollars and fifty cents ($3.50) per month surcharge shall terminate when the obligation to the state is paid in full.

That any person who is connected to the sewage disposal system who does not have a water connection with said city, shall be charged four dollars ($4.00) per month.

That the above fee shall be charged in proportion to the amount of water measured through the city water meters supplying the water purchased to each person, firm, corporation and organization having a sewer connection.

Where water is used under any circumstances that no portion thereof is emptied into the sewage collection system, a sewer use fee is not charged.

The collection and billing of said sewer use charge is to be made on the statements issued to the user for the use and purchase of water and there shall be included on said statement, the item “sewer use fee”. Opposite such item shall be the appropriate fee based on the above rates on the amount of water used.

The revenue derived from the charges from the use of the sewage disposal system shall be placed in the city treasury and kept in a separate fund and shall not be paid out or distributed except for the purpose of operating, maintaining and renewing the sewage disposal system and the payment of the salaries of employees engaged in the operation of said sewage disposal system and at any time there may be a surplus in said fund, it shall be semi-annually placed in a sinking fund for the purpose of retiring the bonds on the sewage disposal system not primarily payable by special assessments against the property in a sewer district, provided in the event that said surplus fund shall be used to retire such outstanding bonds, the same shall be in addition to the money derived by taxation for such retirement of such bonds, as is now provided by law; provided further that when any surplus funds are not needed for any of the above mentioned purposes, said surplus may be merged into the city general operating fund.

Charges for the sewage disposal system disposal service shall be billed on the statement rendered for the payment of water bills and the bill for charges under this article shall be payable as billed. In the event any person, firm, corporation or organization within and without the city using said sewage disposal System neglects, fails or refuses to pay the charges fixed herein, or hereafter fixed by the governing body of the city of Minneapolis, Kansas, such person, firm, corporation, or other user shall not be disconnected from such sewage disposal system or refused the use thereof, but such charges due therefore shall be by the city clerk certified to the county clerk of the county in which said city is located to be placed on the tax roll for collection, subject to the same penalties and collected in like manner as other taxes are by law collectible, and shall become a lien upon the real property so served.

For the purpose of this article, sewage disposal system shall include the system of sewers and the city disposal system of said city.

The following connection fees will be charged prior to a customer connecting to the city’s sewer disposal system:

(a)   Customers located outside of sewer district $1,200.00

(b)   Customers located inside of sewer district $50.00