That said zoning regulation pertains to regulation and restriction of the lands within the City of Minneapolis, Kansas; the use and location of buildings and other structures; regulations and restrictions of the dimensions of buildings and other structures; determination of the area of yards and setbacks as defined therein; restrictions and regulations of the dimensions of signs; regulations and restrictions of the density of population; provides for and regulates vehicle parking; divides the city into districts or zones to accomplish this zoning; adopt a map of the city showing boundaries and classifications of districts; defines certain terms used in said code; establishes a board of zoning appeals, and its duties; provides for the appointment of a zoning administrator and his duties; provides fees to be charged for applications for changes in zoning; provides sub-division regulations and for the regulation and review of planned developments as defined in the code; deals with conditional uses and non-conforming uses and structures as defined in said code; establishes the means for change or amendment of said code, map and ordinance; and provides for penalties for violations of its provisions and means of enforcement.

That public hearing required by law has been duly and properly held by the planning commission for the City of Minneapolis, Kansas, and full and complete discussion and review of said ordinance was made at said meeting; that the zoning ordinance herein is a true and correct copy of these regulations as reviewed by the City Planning Commission of the City of Minneapolis, Kansas.

That this zoning regulation is herein incorporated by reference in and to this article as though fully set out herein as authorized by K.S.A. 12-3010. That three copies of said zoning regulations herein described shall be marked and stamped as “Official Copy” and shall be filed with the city clerk of the City of Minneapolis, Kansas, to be open to use and inspection and available to the public at all reasonable hours. That the official city map setting forth the prescribed zones defined by said regulations shall also be filed in connection with said code, showing clearly all of the boundaries of the zones herein described and said map shall be marked “Official Copy” and said map shall be filed in the office of the city clerk, to be open to inspection and use of the public at all reasonable hours.

That the zoning herein adopted by reference shall govern all land use and improvements placed thereon as herein provided from the time of the passage of this article.

No structure or premise shall hereafter be used or occupied and no structure or part thereof shall be erected moved, reconstructed, extended, enlarged, or altered, contrary to the “Minneapolis Zoning Regulation of 1995”, from and after the date of this ordinance. All uses designated “conditional” or “modification of a non-conforming use or structure or planned developments”, as defined in said regulations or variances shall be subject to approval of the zoning administrator or the board of zoning appeals as set forth in the regulations. New construction shall not be commenced until approval of structure, location and dimensions are approved by the zoning administrator or the board of zoning appeals, in conformity with the zoning regulations.