The City of Minneapolis, Kansas, hereby extends the benefits of Title II of the Federal Social Security Act, in conformity with the applicable provisions of such Act, to the employees of said city, according to the provisions of House Bill 500, Session Laws of Kansas, 1951, and the amendments thereto as set forth in Resolution No. 42 and amendments to that Resolution.

The City of Minneapolis, Kansas, shall and hereby makes application to become a participating employer to provide for the inclusion of all of its eligible employees under the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System as provided by 74-4901 to 74-4926, General Statutes 1961 Supplement as amended by Chapter 412, Laws of 1963. (Resolution No. 135)

The City of Minneapolis, Kansas, shall pay employee health insurance in the amount of the cost of the employees premium and the employees family premium.

(a)   The City of Minneapolis, in accordance with the provisions of K.S.A. 12-16,102, as amended, does hereby establish an employee benefits contribution fund for the purpose of paying the city’s share on employee benefits prescribed by (b) of this section.

(b)   The city’s share of the cost of employee benefits authorized for payment from the fund created by (a) of this section shall include the following: Employer contribution for social security, worker’s compensation, unemployment insurance, health care costs, employee benefit plans, and employee retirement and pension programs.