No person, firm or corporation shall place, leave or allow to be left any boards, bones, barrels, vehicles, lumber, wood, boxes of merchandise, mail boxes, trash, cans, crates, rubbish or other obstruction in any street, avenue or alley, sidewalk, street parking or public places, except in such manner and at such times as may be permitted by other provisions of this Code or other ordinances of the city or as may be authorized by the city council.

Any person, firm or corporation desiring to use the sidewalk or any part of the street for the temporary deposit of building material, during the construction or repair of any building, or while excavating any cellar, shall apply to the governing body for permission to use the same, and upon such application, the governing body may grant permission to use the same temporarily for the purpose to be named: Provided, that not more than a third of the width of the street shall be used, and in case the sidewalk be obstructed a temporary walkway shall be provided around such obstruction, and the gutter shall be kept open for flow of water and no person shall use or temporarily appropriate any sidewalk or street or any material part thereof without the consent of the governing body: Provided further, that upon the completion of any building, the material in the street shall be removed within ten (10) days. Any such obstruction shall be adequately lighted from one-half (½) hour after sunset to one-half (½) hour before sunrise to give warning to the drivers of vehicles.

Any person or persons who shall, under contract or otherwise, have charge of the construction of an areaway, coal bin or other excavations under any of the sidewalks of said city, shall during the progress of such work, cause such areaway or other excavation to be securely fenced about with at least three (3) strings of good six (6) inch fencing boards nailed to posts firmly set in the ground; such posts to be not more than six (6) feet apart and the top of the highest of such boards shall be at least four (4) feet from the surface of the ground.

It shall be the duty of the occupant of any lot or piece of ground abutting upon any street where there is a sidewalk or gutter on said street, to keep such sidewalk or gutter clean, and to remove therefrom any earth, dirt, filth, mud, manure, hay, straw, papers, stone, refuse or rubbish of any kind, and in case there is no occupant of any such lot other than the owner, it shall be the duty of such owner to do the same.

No person or persons shall remove, take and carry away any earth, sand, stone or other material used for grading purposes on any of the streets, avenues, alleys and lanes of the city.

It shall be lawful for the owner or owners, occupant or occupants of lots fronting or abutting on any of the avenues, streets or alleys in the city, except Second Street between Mill Street and Rock Street, to construct an areaway around any part of a building or buildings erected thereon, that may be fronting or abutting on any such avenue, street or alley.

All areaways in front of buildings situated on any of the avenues or streets not less than eighty (80) feet in width shall not exceed four (4) feet in width from the front line of the lot or piece of ground. On any street not less than sixty (60) feet in width not to exceed three and one-half (3 ½) feet from the front line of the lot or piece of ground. On any street not less than fifty (50) feet in width, not to exceed three (3) feet in width from the front line of the lot or piece of ground and on any alley, not to exceed two and one-half (2 ½) feet in width from the line of the lot or piece of ground adjacent thereto.

All areaways so constructed along or in front of any building so erected on any of the avenues, streets or alleys aforesaid, the walls thereof shall be built of first class rubble masonry the width of the top of the wall to be fourteen (14) inches, the inside (or side of the wall next to the areaway) to be built plumb and the outside to have a batter of two (2) inches to the foot. In open areas to basements all exposed portions of wall to be range work, neatly pointed. Said wall to be covered with a stone coping sixteen (16) inches wide and six (6) inches thick to be neatly dressed and chamfered and to have a substantial iron railing on the top of and in the center of the coping stone surrounding such area not less than three (3) feet in height, or covered over with a substantial iron grating. All to be done under the supervision of the committee on streets and alleys of said city.

All areaways so constructed shall be kept in good repair and condition by the owner or owners, occupant or occupants of such building or buildings, at the expense of such owner or occupant aforesaid.

In case the owner or owners, occupant or occupants of any buildings having such areaway around any part thereof as aforesaid, shall fail or neglect to put and keep the same in good condition after being notified by the street commissioner to so repair the same, it is hereby made the duty of said street commissioner to forthwith cause said areaway so out of repair to be filled up at the expense of such owner or occupant.

It shall be unlawful for any person or persons to wash any automobile, truck or other vehicle upon any street or avenue or upon any sidewalk or driveway entrance within the city.

It shall be unlawful for any person or persons to accumulate or burn any leaves, trash or any other combustibles in or upon any street or public way within the city which shall have been improved by any concrete or asphalt pavement or other permanent pavement of any kind.

Any person who shall violate any of the provisions of this article shall, upon conviction thereof, be fined in any sum not exceeding one hundred dollars ($100.00), or be imprisoned for not more than thirty (30) days, or be both so fined and imprisoned.