No person, firm or corporation shall cut any curb, gutter or pavement, or make an excavation in any street, alley or other public grounds in this city for any purpose, without first obtaining a permit from the designated agent of the City authorizing the same.

All applications for permit required under the provisions of this article shall be accompanied by a good and sufficient surety bond in the amount of five hundred dollars ($500.00) executed to the City of Minneapolis by the applicant for such permit, and conditioned that the principal on such bond will save the city harmless from any damage to persons or property resulting from or in any way growing out of any opening or excavation made by such principal, his agents, servants or employees under such permit; and further that said principal shall pay any and all loss or damage occasioned by himself or herself, his or her agents, servants or employees and will comply with all articles of the city: Provided, that no bond shall be required of any person, under the provisions of this section, who shall have executed a bond to the City of Minneapolis under any other article of the city conditioned upon the same provisions as herein provided.

The work of replacing all pavement cut or damaged by persons operating under a permit issue under the provisions of this article shall be done by the street department of the city and the holder of such permit shall pay the cost of time and materials plus ten percent (10%) therefor: Provided, that no charge shall be made where excavations are made in unpaved streets, alleys, or other grounds.

Any person, firm or corporation making excavations in any of the streets, alleys or public grounds of the City of Minneapolis shall at all times during the work, maintain the proper barricades, safety guards and lights for the protection of the traveling public, and all fills made in excavations shall be securely tamped, and in all cases any such excavations shall be so braced as to prevent caving or injury to adjoining premises and the party making excavation and his bondsmen shall at all times be liable to the city for damages arising by reason of any neglect or carelessness in any respect concerning said excavation.

Any person desiring to dig any holes or trenches in the city streets or city parkings or on any other city property for the purposes of laying, repairing or removing sewer lines, water lines, telephone cables, gas lines, or for any other purposes, shall first advise the city clerk who shall in turn advise the city superintendent of doing such digging; that said person doing said digging shall refill said excavation hole or trench by watering and packing said fill in such manner as designated by the city superintendent so that the same should settle after said packing, said person shall be responsible for repacking said hole so that the same will settle and be level.

Any person, firm or corporation making excavations in the streets, alleys or public grounds of the City of Minneapolis without first complying with the provisions of this article shall, upon conviction thereof, be fined in any sum not exceeding one hundred dollars ($100.00), or be imprisoned for not more than thirty (30) days, or be both so fined and imprisoned.