That all sidewalks within the City of Minneapolis, Kansas, shall be constructed, repaired and reconstructed according to the plans and specifications hereinafter set forth.

All sidewalks in the City of Minneapolis, Kansas, shall not be less than forty-eight (48) inches wide, provided that where the governing body of the City of Minneapolis, Kansas deems it necessary and advisable it may order a greater width; and provided further that any sidewalk constructed within the fire zone shall first be approved by the governing body of said city.

That all sidewalks shall be located in the street of the city with the inside edge one (1) foot from the property line; provided that in the business district the walk may be against the property line.

That all sidewalks will be constructed in accordance with the following specifications:

(a)   Thickness and proportions: a walk shall never be less than four (4) inches thick, except all driveways shall be five (5) inches thick, with a minimum of two (2) inch sand base. Concrete shall he mixed in approximate proportions of one (1) part cement, two (2) parts fine aggregate and three (3) parts coarse aggregate with a maximum of six (6) gallons of water per sack of cement.

(b)   Grade line of top of finished sidewalk shall not be less than top of curb back.

(c)   Placing and finishing. Concrete shall be placed immediately after mixing. It shall be tamped sand struck off with a template and shall be floated with a wood float until the surface has a true contour. Care shall be taken not to bring to the surface an excess of water and fine sand by over finishing.

(d)   Jointing. The walk shall be cut into separate rectangular slabs not greater than six (6) feet on any one side. The surface edges of each slab shall be rounded to a half (½) inch radius. Markings shall be exactly as cuts between slabs.

(e)   Expansion Joints. Shall extend from surface to the sub-grade and shall be at right angles to the sidewalk surface, and completely filled with compressible material. A half (½) inch expansion joint shall be made across the walk at approximately fifty (50) foot intervals. At all places where the walk intersects a curb line or another walk, one (1) inch expansions joints shall be made.

When a petition signed by not less than ten (10) citizens owning real estate in a precinct or ward of this city, praying for construction of a sidewalk or sidewalks, in such precinct or ward is filed with the city clerk, the governing body may, in its discretion, by resolution, order such sidewalk or sidewalks constructed.

When any sidewalk, in the opinion of the governing body, becomes inadequate or unsafe for travel thereon, the governing body may adopt a resolution condemning such walk and providing for the construction of a new walk in place of the walk condemned.

The resolution providing for the construction or reconstruction of a sidewalk shall give the owner of the abutting property not less than thirty (30) days nor more than sixty (60) days after its publication in which to construct or cause to be constructed or reconstructed the sidewalk at his own expense. Such resolution shall be published once in the official city paper. If the sidewalk is not constructed by the property owner within the time specified, the governing body shall cause the work to be done by contract and the costs thereof shall be assessed against the property abutting on such sidewalk.

It shall be the duty of the owner of the abutting property to keep the sidewalk in repair, but the city engineer, or city clerk may, after giving five (5) days’ notice to the owner or his agent, if known, of the necessity therefor, and without notice if the lot or piece of land is unoccupied, make all necessary repairs at any time. Repairs may be made by force account or by contract and an account of the cost thereof shall be kept and reported to the governing body and such costs shall be assessed against the lot or piece of land abutting on the sidewalk so repaired, in the manner provided by law.

If any property owner, person or contractor shall construct any sidewalk in violation of the plans and specifications of this article, he or she shall upon conviction be punished by a fine of not more than one hundred dollar ($100.00) or imprisoned for not more than thirty (30) days, or by both such fine and imprisonment, and the sidewalk may be condemned by the governing body of the city and torn out and rebuilt and, in the case of a contractor, no payment shall be due or made for such improperly constructed sidewalk; Provided, that if the governing body believes that the sidewalk as constructed is as good as a sidewalk meeting the required specifications, it may accept the sidewalk as constructed.

The governing body may require the contractor to give bond for the faithful performance of any contract and for the construction of the sidewalk in accordance with the plans and specifications, laws and articles, and for all contracts exceeding one hundred dollars ($100.00) the statutory bond shall be furnished.