(a)   The mayor shall appoint, with the consent of the council, a municipal judge of the municipal court, a chief of police, city clerk, city attorney, city administrator and any other officers deemed necessary. Any officers appointed and confirmed shall hold an initial term of office of not to exceed one year and until their successors are appointed and qualified. Any officers who are reappointed shall hold their offices for a term of one year and until their successors are appointed and qualified. The council shall by ordinance specify the duties and compensation of the office holders, and by ordinance may abolish any office created by the council whenever deemed expedient. Whenever they deem it expedient the council may retain a licensed professional engineer to act in capacity of city engineer for specifically defined duties and provide for reasonable compensation for the services rendered

(b)   The city treasurer shall be elected as set out in chapter 6 of this code.

(C.O. No. 10)

It is hereby adopted by the City of Minneapolis for the purpose of establishing personnel rules and regulations, pay plans, and position classifications that certain pamphlet entitled “City of Minneapolis Personnel Rules and Regulations Pay Plan Position Classification, September 6, 1983” of which not less than three (3) copies have been and are now filed in the office of the City Clerk of the City of Minneapolis and marked or stamped “Official Copy” as adopted by this article with all sections or portions thereof intended to be omitted or changed clearly marked to show any such omissions or changes and filed with the City Clerk to be open to inspection and available to the public at all reasonable hours.

Insubordination, intoxication on the job or willful and continued violation of city rules and regulations will constitute grounds for the dismissal of officers of the City of Minneapolis pursuant to the procedures as set forth below.

The mayor with consent of the council shall give the officer, whom the mayor desires to dismiss, a thirty (30) day notice in writing of the dismissal. Said notice shall contain the grounds for dismissal and allow the officer an opportunity of a hearing before the city council to dispute said grounds.

The term officer as used in this code shall mean the city administrator, the municipal judge, the chief of police, the city clerk, the city attorney and such other officers that the mayor has appointed as officers with the consent of the city council.

The city clerk shall keep his or her office in the city building, which office shall be open at the usual business hours observed in the city. He or she shall be custodian of all the city records, books, files, papers, documents and other personal effects belonging to the city not properly pertaining to any other office. He or she shall carry on all the official correspondence of the city as may be required giving the same prompt attention and shall present for the consideration of the governing body all correspondence received and replies given by him or her, if any. He or she shall keep suitable files and records of all the documents, papers, and other effects pertaining to the business of the city including all correspondence, deed contracts, bids, petitions and similar official documents as engineering plans and specifications and an official map of the city

The city clerk shall attend all meetings of the governing body, but in the event of his or her necessary absence from any such meeting, the presiding officer shall appoint a member of the council or some suitable person to keep an account of the proceedings thereof and the same shall be reported to the city clerk by such person. The said clerk or his or her designated agent shall make and keep a record of the proceedings and meetings of the governing body in minute form and shall record all official actions of the governing body pertaining to the city’s affairs transacted at any such meeting. He or she shall enter or place each ordinance in the city in the ordinance book after its passage, the same to be appropriately numbered and indexed. He or she shall append thereto a note stating the date of its passage the page of the journal containing the final vote on its passage, and also the name of the newspaper in which said ordinance was published, and the date of such publication. He or she shall cause to be published all ordinances (except those appropriating money) in the official city paper. He or she shall also cause to be published such resolutions, notices and proclamations as may be required by law or ordinance.

The city clerk shall have charge of the corporate seal of the city and shall affix the same to the official copy of all ordinances, deeds, contracts and similar documents required to be authenticated. He or she shall have power to administer oaths for all purposes pertaining to the business and affairs of the city and he or she shall keep suitable files of all such oaths required to be deposited in his or her office.

(K.S.A. 54-110)

The city clerk shall prepare and keep suitable fiscal accounting records in the form and manner which shall have been approved for minimum accounting standards by the Municipal Accounting Board of Kansas. He or she shall prepare, or cause to be prepared, all orders for the purchase of goods and services required by the city and shall make the suitable entries in his or her books of all such orders and contracts entered into by the city which shall obligate the funds or credit of the city. He or she shall keep a separate accounting of each of several funds of the city whether it be derived from tax money coming to the city or from whatever source derived and credited all income to the proper fund of the city. The money belonging to one fund shall not be placed to the credit of any fund or be transferred to another fund unless there is lawful authority for the same and then only in accordance with the direction of the council. Each separate tax levy shall constitute a separate fund as provided by law authorizing such levy.

The city clerk shall render such assistance as may be required in preparing the annual city budget, any ordinance for the levying of taxes, and shall certify the same to the county clerk in the form and manner required by law together with a copy of the budget. In addition, a copy of the annual city budget shall be filed with the state as required by law. At the beginning of the budget year, the city clerk shall open and keep an account of each fund thereof, showing the total amount appropriated for that fund in the budget, the date, number, and amount of each warrant and check drawn thereon. He or she shall keep such fiscal records as may be required to show the outstanding contracts or other obligations against any fund of the budget.

(K.S.A. 79-2930, 79-2934)

The city clerk shall receive at his or her office all claims against the city for goods or services rendered and he or she shall prepare them in suitable form for the consideration of the council at its next succeeding meeting. He or she shall prepare appropriation ordinances for the payment of all claims to be allowed. He or she shall draw warrants or warrant and checks only when appropriations to pay the same have been made by ordinance. His or her accounts shall properly show the amounts paid from any fund of the city and the cash balance existing in each fund. He or she shall prepare a report showing the financial conditions of the city each month and present the same to the council at its regular meeting of the succeeding month. The report shall show the balance of the fund at the end of the next preceding month, the amount paid out of any fund and the outstanding claims authorized to be paid out of all funds of the city so that the governing body may not create debts nor authorize the issuance of warrants in violation of the budget law. In no event shall the city clerk draw any warrant or warrant and check which shall call for the payment of funds not represented by cash in the city treasury nor for which the total amount shall be in excess of the amount authorized for the expenses of any such fund by the annual city budget.

(K.S.A. 10-801, 10-804, 10-114, 10-802)

The city clerk shall enter every appointment of office and the date thereof on his or her journal. He or she shall also record the appointment of boards, commissions and committees which the mayor and council or the governing body are authorized to appoint. He or she shall receive files and preserve all oaths of office, other oaths required and bonds of the city officers required to be given by law or any ordinance. He or she shall preserve the same in a suitable file and keep the governing body fully advised thereon.

(K.S.A. 14-205)

The city clerk shall keep a fully accurate account of all bonds issued by the city, recording them in a book, number amount thereof, rate of interest, number of each coupon, amount of each where payable, date of maturity, and when canceled upon the return of the same to the city.

(K.S.A. 10-107)

The city clerk shall keep a record of all special assessments whenever the same shall have been made and he or she shall certify said assessments to the county clerk in the manner provided by law.

(K.S.A. 10-115)

The city clerk shall enter in a suitable book under appropriate heading the amounts received by the city treasurer, as shown by his or her receipt. The amounts so received, said books and vouchers shall be for reference in the settlements between the city treasurer and the county treasurer.

The city clerk is hereby designated as the withholding agent of the city for the purposes of the Federal Revenue (Income) Act as authorized by K.S.A. 75-3042 and the city clerk shall perform the duties required of withholding agents by said act or any other act requiring withholding from the compensation of any city officer or employee.

Temporarily idle monies of the City of Minneapolis, Ottawa County, Kansas, not currently needed may in accordance with the procedures hereinafter prescribed be invested in:

(a)   direct obligations of the United States Government which mature within one (1) year from the date of purchase and which are guaranteed as to principal by the United States Government or

(b)   temporary notes to the City of Minneapolis, Ottawa County, Kansas, issued pursuant to K.S.A. 10-123 as amended or

(c)   bank time certificates of deposits which are protected by Federal Deposit Insurance corporations or

(d)   no fund warrant of the City of Minneapolis, Ottawa County, Kansas or

(e)   general obligation bonds of the City of Minneapolis, Ottawa County, Kansas or

(f)    adequately secured bank time deposit, open account.

The term “bank time deposit open account” as used in this article shall mean a city bank account which is a bank deposit other than time certificates of deposit with respect to which there is in force a written contract between the city and the designated bank which provides that neither the whole or any part of the deposit may be withdrawn by check or otherwise prior to the date of maturity which shall not be less than thirty (30) days as to the date of the deposit or to the expiration of the period of notice which must be given by the city in writing not less than thirty (30) days in advance of withdrawal.

The city clerk of Minneapolis Kansas shall periodically report to the governing body as to the amount of monies available for investment in the period of time the monies will be available for investment and shall submit such recommendations as deem necessary for the efficient and safe management of the city finances. The recommendations of the city clerk shall provide for investment programs which shall so limit the amounts invested in schedule the maturities of investments so that the city will at all times have sufficient money available on demand deposit to assure prompt payment of all city obligations. The governing body shall determine by motion the amount, method and term of any investment and type of investment made, subject to the provisions of this article.

Securities purchased pursuant to this article shall be under the joint care of the city clerk, the city treasurer and the mayor and shall be held in the custody of a state or national bank or trust company or shall be kept by such officers in a safety deposit box of the city in a bank or trust company. Securities in original or receipt form held in the custody of a bank or trust company shall be held in the name of the city and their redemption, transfer or withdrawal shall be permitted only upon the written instructions of at least two such city officers. Securities not held in the custody of a bank or trust company shall be personally deposited by such officers in a safety deposit box in the name of the city in a bank or trust company, access to which shall be permitted only in the personal presence and under the signature of at least two such officers.

If, in order to maintain sufficient monies on demand deposit in any fund, as provided in this article, it becomes necessary to transfer or sell any securities of such funds, any two or more of the officers specified in this article may transfer said securities to any other fund or funds in which there are temporarily idle monies, or shall sell such securities and for such purposes they shall have authority to make any necessary written directions, endorsements or assignments for and on behalf of the city. Any such transfers or sales shall be reported in writing to the governing body at their next regular meeting.

The interest or other earnings from investments made pursuant to this article shall be credited to the general operating fund of the city of Minneapolis, Kansas. The city clerk shall maintain a complete detailed record at all times of all investments made pursuant to this article.

The city treasurer shall receive from the county treasurer all moneys and evidences of indebtedness collected for and payable to the city as provided by law; and for all moneys received by him or her from any other source, other than the city clerk, he or she shall give duplicate receipts, causing one of the two to be filed with the city clerk and keeping a copy thereof in his or her own office. He or she shall keep proper record of all moneys received from any source by funds as provided by law and keep a full and accurate record of all moneys received and disbursed by him or her in behalf of the city specifying the time of receipt or disbursement, and from whom received and to whom disbursed on account. He or she shall publish or cause to be published a quarterly financial statement of the city in the manner and style provided by law.

The City Treasurer shall deposit all public moneys coming into his or her hands in his or her official capacity or responsibility in the bank or banks within the city, and only after the same has been designated by the governing body, and after the depository bank shall have given a bond as provided by law in those instances where a depository of public moneys must give security. He or she shall make all such deposits in his or her name as Treasurer of the City of Minneapolis.

The city treasurer shall pay out the funds of the city upon warrant and checks properly signed by the mayor and attested by the city clerk and countersigned by him or her. He or she shall not knowingly pay any order, warrant, check or other evidence of indebtedness out of the treasury of the city in excess of the funds actually on hand in the treasury at the time for such purpose, unless such payment be authorized by law as an exception to the “cash basis act” (Kansas Statutes Annotated). No warrant, warrant and check or certificate of indebtedness shall be registered or paid by him or her for any other purpose than for that for which the tax levy is made (where one is made) and no part of any fund shall be diverted in any manner to the payment of claims against the city other than for the purpose which any such funds shall have been created. He or she shall cancel all warrants (when the same are used) as soon as paid and in canceling paid warrants he or she shall write across the face of such warrant the word “PAID” in red ink and sign the same: Provided, that where a combination warrant and check is used and such instrument is stamped “PAID” by any bank, being a depository of the city, the Treasurer Shall not be required to make the above endorsement across the face of such check and warrant.

It is hereby made the duty of the city attorney to advise with all the city officers in relation to such matter as may arise in the performance of their duties, to attend such regular, special or adjourned meetings of the city council as may be requested. He or she shall prepare all ordinances and contracts to which the city shall be a party. He or she shall have the management and control of all cases before the municipal judge involving prosecutions for violations of city ordinances and appeals from said municipal judge to district court, and he or she shall prepare all complaints against any person for violation of the city ordinances, if in his or her judgment the evidence in the case will justify the commencement of an action against such person. He or she shall have the management and control of all actions in the District Court of Ottawa County, in which the City of Minneapolis shall be a party. He or she shall, when so requested by the city council or mayor, give his opinion upon any matter submitted to him or her at the next regular meeting succeeding such request and shall perform such other duties as the council may from time to time determine.

The chief of police also referred to as the city marshal shall execute all orders of the governing body of the city, see that all ordinances are in forced and give notice of any nuisances made or suffered in the city. He or she shall be industrious and vigilant, not only in preventing any infractions of the ordinances of the city and bringing offenders against them to justice but also in causing the prevention or punishment of offenses against the penal laws of the State of Kansas committed within said city and in suppressing disturbances affrays, riots and other breaches of peace therein. He or she shall keep an account of all monies received by him or her for the use of said city, pay the same to the treasury and take a receipt therefore and do and perform all such other duties as are now or hereafter may be required of him or her by the governing body of the city.

The chief of police shall have the immediate direction and supervision over all other policemen of the city as may be authorized and appointed but he or she shall be responsible for his or her acts to the mayor of the city. The chief of police shall be responsible for the proper discipline and discharges of the duties of all police officers of the city under the ordinances and laws of Kansas. He or she shall have such other duties as may be required of him or her by ordinances or as may be directed by the governing body.

The chief of police shall at all times have power to make or order an arrest with proper process and shall execute such legal process as may be issued by the municipal judge directly to him or her for any offense against the ordinances of the city. He or she shall arrest without process in all cases when an offense shall be committed in his presence. The other policemen of the city shall have power to arrest or serve process in the same manner as the chief of police.

It shall be the general duty of the chief of police and all other police officers of the city at all times to the best of their ability to preserve good order, peace and quiet throughout the city as provided by law or ordinance. All persons arrested for violations of any laws of the state and who shall not be charged with an offense under an ordinance of the city shall be released to the custody of the Sheriff of Ottawa County and such arrest shall be reported to the county Attorney.

There is hereby established the office of city administrator.

The city administrator shall have the following duties:

(a)   Coordinate all departments and activities of the city, including personnel management;

(b)   primary responsibility for the investigation and resolution of complaints;

(c)   act as city’s purchasing agent;

(d)   maintain an inventory on city property;

(e)   provide information to the governing body regarding available federal and state funding for projects of interest;

(f)    shall attend regular meetings of the governing body and such special meetings thereof to which he or she may be invited and upon said occasions deliver his or her report and recommendations concerning his or her duties;

(g)   shall prepare an annual city budget;

(h)   the governing body may by motion enlarge or restrict the functions and duties of said city administrator from time to time as it may determine.

The appointment shall continue during good behavior and satisfactory service and the city administrator may hold the office of city clerk.

The Department of Economic and Industrial Development is created to develop and direct programs to attract new business and industry and to assist and expand existing business and industry in the City of Minneapolis.

The director of economic development shall be appointed in the same manner as other officers of the City of Minneapolis are appointed, and shall:

(a)   Coordinate economic and industrial development strategy;

(b)   Provide technical services to industries and businesses;

(c)   Market the community to industrial, commercial and professional prospects;

(d)   Develop analyses for expansion and retention of business;

(e)   Prepare and administer an annual operating budget;

(f)    Serve as coordinator on individual projects between industrial prospects and the City;

(g)   Perform such other functions as may be designated by the governing body or the city administrator.