That there shall be established, maintained and conducted a supervised recreation system for the City of Minneapolis, Kansas.

That a recreation commission, consisting of five (5) members appointed by the mayor and the members of said commission shall be resident taxpayers of the City of Minneapolis, Ottawa County, Kansas; and the members shall be appointed by the mayor for a term of four (4) years unless sooner removed by the mayor. Subject to the following exception: The mayor shall have the authority to appoint a resident of Ottawa County, Kansas, who is not a resident of the City of Minneapolis, subject to the approval of the city council. They shall be vested with the powers, duties and obligations necessary for the conducting of such recreation system, the members of which shall serve without pay.

That said commission shall be empowered to administer in all respects the business and affairs of the recreation system and that all disbursements made by said commission shall be paid by voucher and the claims paid by such commission shall be duly verified.

That the commission shall promulgate rules in connection with the recreation system and shall have all authority granted by Kansas Statutes Annotated, chapter 12, article 19.